With the constant changes being implemented by Google and its algorithm named Hummingbird, it’s important to stay focused on what’s important with SEO and search terms. There are many ways to move your website’s rank onto the first page, and we at Backyard Studios are proud to offer our SEO expertise in writing optimized blogs for your website.

Our blogs work hand in hand with your existing content and the keywords you wish to pursue and improve. By reading your content, understanding your product or service and asking questions, we write custom blogs every month that not only help to improve your rank, but to help inform readers and potential clients what your company is about and what it can offer for them. We will also improve your existing articles at your discretion so every blog on your website can rank on Google and crawl through the search pages.

Google’s new algorithms have become more perceptive of under-the-table SEO tactics and practices, yet we have always strived to build organic SEO improvement. Backyard Studios’ SEO practices all play by Google’s rules and standards, so you can rest assured knowing that every article we write for your company and every keyword implemented doesn’t negatively affect you or your website.

Backyard Studios was started in 2002, and since then our company has only grown. Our dedicated staff works hard to deliver the best products and services, all within your budget. Since its creation, Backyard Studios has won an array of design awards, including Gold for Website Design in both the responsive and desktop categories. Like our customized SEO solutions, our designs are also created to fit and match your company’s profile and your personal aesthetics. To learn more about our SEO services, our optimized blogs, or our website designs, call use today to 210.267.2963.

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