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Speir Solar
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The Client

Speir Solar provides solar energy solutions throughout Texas with their wide range of solar panel systems. Their goal is to help homes, businesses, and communities save money and cut carbon emissions, and their expert services include consultation, design, and installation, making the switch to solar hassle-free. Whether you want to save money or take part in a greener future, Speir Solar has the skills and knowledge to meet your needs.

The Challenge

Speir Solar approached us with the challenge of creating a website that could effectively showcase its brand and the efficiency of its solar products for both homes and businesses. They wanted a visually appealing design and friendly user experience to help generate new leads or answer any questions potential customers could have.


The Approach

Our team brought Speir Solar’s vision to life by creating a website that displays its energy-efficient mission. From colors to patterns, we worked closely with their team to build a website design that showcases their business as a whole, is easy to change when needed, and will spike user interest when someone lands on their site. 

What We Did

Our website design took Speir Solar’s expertise and value and put it on a digital display with added keywords throughout their content to further optimize their search engine results by increasing visibility and driving traffic to the site. Speir Solar’s website serves as a platform to reach homeowners, businesses, and communities in their mission to make the switch to solar energy as easy as possible.

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Strong Digital Prescence

With an updated website, Speir Solar’s goal to positively impact the environment and the community only continues. Through a modern, user-friendly design and optimized content, they can attract more visitors, convert leads, and build credibility while showcasing their brand and solar products.

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