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Touchstone Communities has been a trusted provider of long-term care and skilled nursing services in Texas for over 25 years. With facilities across the state and five State Veterans Homes, they are dedicated to serving the needs of their patients and families with honor, listening, and care. These values are at the heart of everything they do and are reflected in the compassion and expertise of their team members.

Touchstone Communities’ reputation as a trusted provider of long-term care and skilled nursing services in Texas is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Their unwavering dedication to their patients and families has helped them build lasting relationships with the communities they serve.

The Challenge

In today’s digital age, Touchstone Communities recognized the need to modernize their digital presence in order to reach even more families and provide them with the care they need. Touchstone Communities required a new website, updated photos and videos for all of their communities, as well as digital marketing support and direction. The new website needed to accurately reflect the Touchstone Experience, be user-friendly, and provide valuable information to families seeking information about their services.

With a refreshed digital presence, Touchstone Communities aims to better serve Texas families and make a positive impact on their lives. By making information about their services more accessible, they hope to provide comfort and peace of mind to families in need of long-term care and skilled nursing services.

The Approach

Backyard Studios designed a one-of-a-kind website tailor made to helping families find the support they need through Touchstone Communities. We also continue to provide our photography and videography expertise to capture the Touchstone Experience in its purest form. Touchstone Communities is committed to providing high-quality care and support to families in Texas and their refreshed digital presence courtesy of Backyard Studios will help them reach even more families in need. The website features a clean, modern design and a user-friendly interface, making it simple for visitors to navigate and find the information they need.

Our experience in website design, combined with our proficiency in photography and videography, has resulted in a website that perfectly captures the essence of Touchstone Communities. The website’s refreshed digital presence is a testament to the agency’s commitment to providing its clients with the best possible solution to meet their unique needs and goals. The website will help Touchstone Communities reach more families and provide them with the support they need to navigate life’s challenges.

Creative and Innovative

Digital Marketing

The Way We Helped

  • Website Design & Development - Digital Marketing Agency

    Website Design & Development

    We created a custom, responsive, and beautiful user-friendly website that aligns with their branding and business needs while improving the user experience.
  • Photo and Video - Digital Marketing Agency

    Photo and Video

    We provided our photography & videography expertise to present their ideas for their brand in a creative and beautiful way.
  • Website Hosting - Digital Marketing Agency

    Website Hosting

    We provided our professional hosting services to ensure this website stays up to date, properly maintained, and secure for years to come.
  • SEO - Digital Marketing Agency


    We developed a personalized SEO plan aimed at connecting with their target audience, enhancing conversions, and improving search engine visibility.

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