In the past few months, Adobe product users have been forced to adapt to a very new and somewhat novel system of product usage. Of course, we in the creative and advertising industry are already adaptive, constantly moving with the trends to stay relevant… right?  Say hello to Adobe Creative Cloud, a subscription-based creative center that replaces physical software purchases.

Gone is the Creative Suite title, replacing all CS titles with the acronym “CC.” The Creative Cloud system is the new idea that subscribers have all of the old favorite Adobe programs as well as a few new ones and resources at the click of a button. Tutorials and access to Adobe webfonts are part of the vast resources available online. This is a great benefit to those who design and code websites as these extra features help to push the boundaries of what can be done on the web. New apps such as InCopy and Story Plus serve as great writing tools for those who are involved in the copywriting side of the creative industry. Each subscriber also receives 20 GB of Adobe Cloud space to store and sync files online with other users easily.

While the idea of the Creative Cloud is convenient, one wonders whether the monthly subscription is worth the price for someone who has little experience in programs that are not useful to them. The option of purchasing only one program or a less expensive bundle is available, but an monthly payment must still be made. Beyond this, most subscriptions are now limited to one user as opposed to allowing multiple installations of one program over various machines. Adobe does offer packages for teams with higher benefits such as access to every application and tool, 100 GB of cloud storage and exclusive access to Adobe experts. Creative Cloud for Enterprise is also available as an option for those who have more than 100 employees in their company or group.

The Adobe Creative Cloud should be considered an investment and a learning tool. Users now have the power to experiment and learn new skills. The entire process from initial concept to finished product is now more seamless thanks to all products and services being up to date among all users. How will this new system fare in the future? Given the popularity of the cloud and app stores, it’s probably safe to say the Creative Cloud is here to stay… and are our monthly payments.

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