If you’re not familiar with the massive hit series from HBO, Game of Thrones, we’re sure you’ve heard of it by now thanks to its huge following. Game of Thrones, based on the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, follows the political, societal and economic struggles of a variety of characters mainly in Westeros, a country thrown into civil war and oncoming supernatural dangers. Yes, we’re excited, and we definitely didn’t forget about the three dragons.

Now, in Game of Thrones, there is a lot to learn: cultures, histories, families, and, most of all, characters. With a cast of at least 30 characters that have come and gone, it can be hard to keep up with everything and not confuse yourself. Designer Nigel Evan Dennis’ website, Where Have All The Wildlings Gone, covers nearly everything you need to know about Game of Thrones with interactive infographics that showcase the complexity of the plot in a manner that’s easy to follow for both newcomers and old fans. By taking an graphic approach instead of a text-based approach, we now have a visually appealing way to read and understand what would normally be an information overload.

This fan-made website is made up entirely of infographics and stylized images of each character. Simple circular icons next to each character denote their allegiance, the season they were introduced, and their current status (check out how many red X marks are scattered throughout), all key elements that define not only the character but the story itself. The website is also loaded with information about the Houses, alliances, religions and even a map that uses simple shapes, flat colors, arrows and pop-up text boxes. By utilizing these design elements, that we are all familiar with, we can engage the audience on a higher level. We as designers should make the most of our creativity by combining graphics and information, especially in situations where certain ideas need to be highlighted or there is too much data to be presented. There’s a deeper level of interest and attention to detail with infographics, whether it’s something as simple as a chart or something as expansive as this interactive website.

We can keep going on about this great website and all the amazing design details, but we think you should experience it for yourself at Where Have All The Wildings Gone. Just remember, don’t sing The Rains of Castamere unless you really mean it, like the website suggests.

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