Not even 3 months into 2017, our team already has some major #winning to celebrate. The American Advertising Awards (ADDYs), will prove successful for Backyard Studios, who has earned six Addys at the local award show. The American Advertising Awards will be held at The Aztec Theatre this Saturday, February 25, 2017.

The American Advertising Awards celebrates the successes and ‘spirit of creativity’ among local advertising, marketing, graphic design, and media agencies and business in San Antonio. Greatness deserves recognition, and our dynamic team recognizes that each award came from challenging human wit, inspiration, and perseverance.

But challenges are good, right? Here at Backyard Studios, we like to think so. In fact, we believe that in the toughest of times, we are driving forward by three things:

  1. Solving Problems – This is Texas, therefore the bigger the problem, the better the solution!
  2. Seeing Results – Knowing we can provide assistance and impact a business is the cherry on top of a giant, melting, double-chocolate sundae. Okay, so maybe we just want ice cream.
  3. New Challenges – We don’t want to simply present an idea, we want to present the big idea. The Big Kahuna, so to speak.

Coming up with the big idea, however can be a challenge in itself. We can’t read minds (although we are superhero junkies). But, with a little fear and the will to learn mistakes, we scratch our first twelve “big idea” designs, and push forward in new directions. That is our superpower.

What we’ve learned is that the challenge can lie in removing pride from the project. “When you design for the people, and you try not to design for yourself, you can make the unbelievable come true,” says Jenny Gonzalez, our Art Director for over eight years.

Congratulations to everyone who worked on the projects – not just the projects that received wards – but all of Backyard Studios’s projects, because they were all winners to us! Looking toward the remainder of the year, we are already outlining our plans for more accomplishments. How are we going to do it? Working harder, and playing harder.

Challenge accepted.

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