For millions of women across the world, breast cancer is a part of their daily lives. Some struggle with the cancer themselves, undergoing treatment or living in remission, while others are indirectly affected through friends and family members. October 1 marks the start of Breast Cancer Awareness month, a month dedicated to sharing knowledge and showing support for breast cancer patients, survivors and those who are closely affected by the disease. Throughout the month, we’ll be seeing plenty of pink in the media and in retail shops as part of the effort to raise awareness and promote timely and annual cancer screenings.

Good Morning America has shared a video for everyone to take the pledge with cast and crew members of the ABC morning show, and this is only the start. NFL players, coaches and referees will be wearing pink jerseys and gear during games as part of their campaign named “A Crucial Catch.” Other items such as special game balls and pink coins will be used during the games and then auctioned off. All proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society. To learn more about A Crucial Catch, visit You can even register a youth football team as part of the awareness effort.

Many major brands will be selling their usual array of products in shades of pink, such as pink perfume bottles or pink shoes. Even service companies such as hotels, spas and restaurants are joining the movement by offering Breast Cancer Awareness specials and exclusives, with all proceeds going to different breast cancer research, awareness and treatment foundations like the Susan G Komen Foundation.

People are joining the fight against breast cancer all around the United States and beyond. Whether it’s through donating time and money or by wearing pink clothing and pink ribbons, people everywhere are making a difference.

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