We are surrounded by media. No, we live, breathe and eat media. With such a constant and overwhelming stream of noise, it’s hard to stand out and to make an impression on such a huge audience. One of the best recent examples of cutting through the noise and impacting an audience is Catching Fire, the sequel to the massively popular and immensely successful movie The Hunger Games. Both movies are based on The Hunger Games trilogy of books, set in a futuristic world where order reigns and class disparity is more distinctly marked than it is today.

The Hunger Games world is immense and sprawling. Author Suzanne Collins has created a world with its own rules, styles and cultures that have translated to the movies in a visually stunning manner. The books and the movies treat The Hunger Games, a brutal fight for survival in a self-contained ecosphere, the same way we treat reality shows and sports events: with an extreme, almost obsessive and aggressive form of reverence, awe and spectatorship. Advertisements, sponsorships and product tie-ins are a natural part of The Hunger Games, and chief marketing officer Tim Palen took advantage of what already exists in fiction and brought it to life.

The marketing campaign for The Hunger Games ranges from well-designed posters made to mimic propaganda and advertisements from the Capitol itself to the fashion blog Capitol Couture on Tumblr that  follows the latest trends and products in Panem. Indeed, much of his inspiration came from the sole idea of living in the world of The Hunger Games, as opposed to serving up a movie and nothing else. By creating a complete and immersive experience, fans both old and new are able to become a part of something that is greater than themselves. To read about a more in-depth look into Catching Fire’s campaign, visit Variety.com: http://variety.com/2013/biz/news/lionsgates-tim-palen-crafts-stylish-universe-for-hunger-games-catching-fire-1200772931/

A great campaign is not only defined by its overall monetary success, but how far it reaches, how it can bring in an audience. Catching Fire’s campaign set the Internet ablaze with its huge supply of beautiful aesthetic shots and its embrace of Panem’s twisted culture. We hope you’ll watch the Quarter Quell, just like we did along with millions of others who have followed the stories and the campaign closely. So, with this, we say to you, Happy Hunger Games! May the odds ever be in your favor.

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