In keeping with the latest trends, Backyard Studios had to research SimCity, EA’s newest game in the Sims franchise, that was just released March 5th. After numerous YouTube videos and screenshots depicting the amazing graphic designs within the game, we knew we had to reserve our copy.

SimCity is a model-like world simulation that lets you manage a region that contains cities. You can control each city and set its specialization. For example, certain cities contain high levels of oil, ore, coal, water, air, etc. The idea is to make your city grow, function well and make you money. New to this game is the multiplayer system and the randomized natural disasters that can strike your city at any moment. That equals loads of game time and trash talking within our office.

The initial idea was to get everybody in the office to play and establish a ‘city’. Unfortunately, the game is currently only out for PC, leaving only half of the office to hear about how amazing this game really is. The real opponent isn’t the person sitting next to you or the person across the world, but yourself. Bad money transactions or poor city management could mean the end of your city.

This game has tons of icons and not to mention the awesome architecture designs of each building. The graphics leave nothing to the imagination. From the detail of a tree to the structure of a nuclear power plant, this game blows your mind away. The best part of the game is looking at the infographics, charts, line graphs, etc. of your city and the precious information it gives you about your management. This is nothing compared to the depth of the actual game.

Just take our word for it… SimCity is amazing!

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