Just last week, Pinterest made available to users an opt-in to their new layout. Of course, we at Backyard Studios made sure to jump onto this and explore the new features from the popular image sharing website.

The overall layout of Pinterest is the same, but now we have an easier navigation of images, with larger columns that span the whole page. The color palette is more muted, using cooler grays instead of the slightly warmer palette that graced the website. The new layout puts a greater focus on a more streamlined navigation with rounded edges and larger margins between images. New to Pinterest is the small menu tab found on the upper left hand side, taking cues from the mobile app (it seems the trend lately is to take a mobile layout and apply it to a website, as Facebook and Google+ are going in this direction as well).

“Less is more” is Pinterest’s new look, and user-friendliness has come forward. Users now don’t lose their place in a pin board when they repin items, allowing them to continue where they left off. We see now larger images offered in what is similar when repinning an image as well. Another brilliant new feature added to Pinterest is the Analytics option, offered to business pages to view and track the activity on their pin board.

Take a look at our photo gallery so you can see the new changes. To opt into the new Pinterest layout, simply login, go to your account settings and select the option to change to the new layout in the dropdown menu. You will be asked to confirm and presto! You’re now part of the user base that is actively using the new layout. Be sure to visit our brand new pin board on Pinterest, featuring our latest work and a few of our newest toys to our Backyard DC Universe.

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