Local visual artist David Blancas has always been deeply involved with the San Antonio community. His artwork and his murals have become an integral part of downtown San Antonio, serving as an inspiration and a reminder of our heritage and culture. So of course we jumped at the chance to build his website and put his artwork online.

David Blancas’ art is heavily inspired by the Tex-Mex, Chicano and Hispanic culture that has shaped San Antonio. His “Loteria: Cultures and Icons” series best demonstrates this with the use of well-known iconography and images, such as The Virgin of Guadalupe, a Chihuahua, La Llorona and more. He captures the very essence of San Antonio and puts it into each of his pieces.

Recently, he has installed a set of four “Paletas” in the San Antonio Airport. Blancas’ “Paletas” are unique popsicle-shaped artworks made of painted metal. Through the website, David Blancas was able to quickly update and share images of the installation for users to see and be part of the experience.

With David Blancas, we’re able to support the local art and culture that shapes and builds the city of San Antonio. His new website serves as a platform to not just share his artwork, but to talk more in depth about each of his pieces. He can now easily stay in touch with his followers, something he was never able to do before he came to us. We’re proud of our work and we’re proud to be able to help the local community grow and evolve.

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