The first few months of the new year mean plenty of things, like a fresh start, or a new project, but it’s also something else: awards season. From the Oscars to the Golden Globes, everyone is getting congratulated and recognized for their talent and hard work. We’re no exception, either.

The American Advertising Awards, formerly known as the ADDY Awards, took place February 15, 2014 at the beautiful McNay Museum in San Antonio, Texas. Designers from around the area all come together every year for great drinks and great work on display, celebrating all of their achievements with each other and their clients. You might be wondering, did Backyard Studios make an appearance? Just how many awards did Backyard Studios win? Will we ever get a Wonder Woman movie?

This year, Backyard Studios won 16 awards, and yes, we most definitely arrived in style at the McNay Art Museum (and all signs point to yes, we will have Wonder Woman movie). Most of our wins were in the web category, with a great variety of both responsive and desktop websites for several of our clients. AMC Health, Maxon Solutions, Moeller Ranch and The Rollercade are only a few of our newest winners to take an American Advertising Award. Among our campaign winners are 5 Stones Craft Brewing Co. and Primal Adventures. We would like to thank everyone on our team for all of their hard work and incredible, unwavering dedication to each project. We strive to make only the best websites possible, and we couldn’t have done it without everyone on the Backyard Studios team. Congratulations again to the team and to our clients!

This year’s theme for the American Advertising Awards Gala was “Breaking Ad.” Inspired by the hit AMC show “Breaking Bad,” this year’s American Advertising Awards Gala is all about defying convention, pushing the creative boundaries and making something new and unforgettable. Visit our 2014 American Advertising Award Winners page to view the full list.

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