How many times do you check your phone a day? Once? Twice? More like thirty times? That sounds about right for a vast majority of people on smart phones who check their updates constantly to know what is the latest news from their feed.

Enter Facebook and their newly announced Home, an entirely different system that will put you, the user, and your friends on the forefront, not your apps. What you will see every time you click your phone from sleep will immediately be freshest content that will constantly update in the background. Instead of actively scrolling endlessly for what you’re interested in, you see right from the start what you want to see.

But what will this mean for companies and advertisers who actively use Facebook as a platform for connecting with their clients? Whether a user will be able to choose what to live update or have Home generate a feed on its own through intuitive learning, only time will tell with the monthly updates. For now, we can only speculate a few things that will change the way we view social media. Companies have already been competing for a user’s time, but now it will be for your screen space too. Image optimization for mobile phones and truly interactive content will become even more important. Content has become king in the past few years and Facebook will be capitalizing on this notion not only through Home, but through their new website layout. No longer will there be clutter, only a heavy focus on images and text, things users are interested to see and interact with.

Here at Backyard Studios, we’ll keep up-to-date with the latest news from Facebook and their new bundle of programs that make up Home. We’ll let you know what we think when we get a hold of Home. View the complete announcement here via Livestream and learn more about Home on their website.

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