For us at Backyard Studios, it’s always an honor and a great opportunity to be able to work with clients who have big ideas. It’s even better when we get the chance to help our local community and universities in San Antonio. When we began working on The Mesquite’s new website and brand, we knew it was going to be something big, something that would make a difference at the campus and community level.

The Mesquite is the student newspaper for Texas A&M University San Antonio. The newspaper doesn’t focus on just the campus, it focuses on the comunidad and cultura the students and faculty are a part of today. The student journalists know what’s going on and so do we. Like us, The Mesquite is all about making an impact. We wanted to help them grow and reach beyond the campus walls deep into the Hispanic community.

As a local design firm, we want to help build the community from the ground up. Through The Mesquite, we’re able to support and provide young graduates lasting pieces for their journalism portfolio. These are the kinds of projects we love to work on because it lets us be a part of the bigger picture. We love our city and we love being part of San Antonio’s culture and community.

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